The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group is a technology-based education and custom esports event management agency located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our unique expertise lies in our custom programming, tech-based consumer reach and innovative brand integration strategies. Our goal is to identify and nurture talent and create the most skilled and diverse esports teams and athletes across the country.


Custom-built tech education program and coding curriculum with a variety of courses, coding languages, and certifications. No prior experienced needed!


Gaming Lounge, weekly tournaments, amateur and professional esports teams, and much more!

Event management and BROADCAST production

Custom esports events, broadcasts, programming, and parties! Turnkey esports production services and in-house plus virtual capabilities.

Meet The Team

Shaon Berry

Founder & CEO

High-Profile / High-Volume sports and entertainment executive, with programming watched on the CBS Sports, NFL & ESPN TV networks

Nadira Akter

VP Tech. Education

Seasoned Technology-based education executive

Ari Evans

VP of Operations

Seasoned Pro Event & Team Manager

Zachary Archer

Director of Events

Seasoned Pro Event & Team Manager

SideeQuah Jones

Director of Culture & Community

Cosplay / Culture / Community leader

Brian Havlick

Events & Talent Manager

Expert scouting and talent development

Josh Dailey

Team Member

Zahir Sims

Content Creator / Podcast Host

Peter Conohan

Team Member