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How Video Gaming Can Make Your Child Healthier

  • bY admin March 30, 2022

​​While you could easily find statistics showing the negative effects video gaming can have on young people, it is important to balance that information with the positive effects. Recently, the scientific community has begun to explore the numerous positive benefits […]

The Benefits of Esports in Building Social Skills

  • bY shaon January 14, 2022

While Esports may be a young industry, it is a flourishing one that’s been shown to develop both academic and social skills in high school and college students throughout the country. The old stereotype that video game players are anti-social […]

How To Get An Esports Scholarship

  • bY shaon January 4, 2022

While your kids may roll their eyes at your love of old Nintendo games, they have their own version of beloved video games that bring them countles hours of joy. The big difference-besides the obvious technological advancements-is that they could […]

Earn Money Playing Video Games

  • bY shaon December 27, 2021

If someone would have walked up to you in 1985, during the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System and said, “If you have some talent with these games, you could make a lot of money,” you’d most likely laugh it […]

The Cognitive Benefits of Video Games

  • bY shaon December 12, 2021

There are many stigmas still believed to be true when it comes to regular video game play, especially with children. Over the years, afflictions such as laziness, obesity, violent tendencies and social ineptitude have been proven fairly inaccurate. On the […]