Friday Night NBA 2k Tournament

Start Date:

November 18, 2022

End Date:

November 18, 2022




$10 or $0 for Monthly Pass Holders

Smash Ultimate 1v1 Friday Night Tournament

Join us down in the MetroGameLounge each and every Friday for esports tournaments! Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Each week will feature a different esports title and format, including Rocket League, NBA2k, Valorant, Overwatch, Smash Ultimate, and others. Join a team or register as a free agent to be matched with other players. Just buy a $10 day pass to enter or enter for free with a Metro monthly Gamer Pass.

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Friday, November 18th: Smash Ultimate 1v1

  • Prizing

    The prize will be $100 for first place and $50 for second place.

November 18, 2022 - November 18, 2022

Fee: $10 or $0 for Monthly Pass Holders

Age Requirement: 10+

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How to: Register, Play, Win

The tournament will take place on November 18th and have a start time of 6:00 PM

Players will play in a Double Elimination Singles event

Players will be seeded into a bracket

Players will first decide on a stage from the legal list of starter stages, which can be found at (Link)


Gamecube controller adapters available

Peripherals provided

Competitors can register either in person with the purchase of a day pass or online for $10.

Monthly pass holders may register at no cost.

If the tournament does not meet the minimum player count it will not contain prizing



The 1v1 SSBU singles event will feature 3-stock games with a 7 minute timer.

Players will first decide on a stage from the legal list of starter stages, which can be found at

Players will then select their character. All characters are legal, and at the beginning of the set players are not required to inform their opponent of the character they will be playing.

Following the conclusion of game one, the winning player will inform their opponent of three legal stages they are banning, as well as the character they will be playing for game two.

The losing player will then select a stage from the remaining stages. 

Sets will be best of three (first to two game wins) until top 8, which will be best of five (first to three game wins)