YMCA Doylestown Facility Open House:


Age: 13+
Registration Fee: $50

The league will take place over 6 weeks of competition, followed by an in-person Championship on the 7th week at the Metro Esports facility.

Regular season matches will follow a “Point Race” format, where players earn points based on placement and eliminations. The team with the most points at the end of a match wins, and advances in the bracket. The Championship will take place over 5 custom matchmaking games on March 19th.

Registration will cost $50 per person per season. Students can register as a team (2 players) or as individuals to be paired with a teammate. Registration for the Fortnite League includes:

  • Six weeks of organized regular season matches. Teams will be organized into a league bracket. Matches will be played virtually and managed by Metro Esports.
  • Six free day passes to Metro Esports facility for practice, training, and play. Passes will expire after each season.
  • Recruiting opportunities through MEHL partnered schools, including Drexel University and 10+ other colleges and universities across Pennsylvania.
  • Compete for the chance to win prizes worth over $3,000.
  • Compete for the chance to attend the Championship event at Metro Esports facility in Warminster, which will be livestreamed on Metro’s partnered Twitch channel for thousands of viewers.
  • Player profile cards with league stats
  • Compete for awards and trophies (League MVP, Highest Scorer, Teammate of the Year, etc)
  • Access to the Metro x CBSD community Discord server
  • Potential scholarship opportunities through partnered schools
  • Fortnite registration includes full access to the Metro Minecraft server


Registration opens December 15th.

Registration closes February 25th.

March 1st: Bracket and match schedule released

Week 1: Saturday, March 5th

Week 2: Saturday, March 12th

Week 3: Saturday, March 19th

Week 4: Saturday, March 26th

Week 5: Saturday, April 2nd

Week 6: Saturday, April 9th

Championship: Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1st


Players earn points based on placement and eliminations. The team with the most points at the end of a match wins, and advances in the bracket.

  • Victory (3 points)
  • Top 3 (2 points)
  • Top 7 (2 points)
  • Top 12 (3 points)
  • Eliminations (1 point each)


  • 1st Place: (2) Gaming PCs ( $2,000 value each)
  • 2nd Place: (2) Logitech Peripheral Packages ($600 value each)
  • 3rd Place: (2) Logitech Peripheral Packages ($300 value each)
  • 4th-8th Place: (2) $100 Amazon Gift Cards

How To Play

1. Join The Game

  • The bracket will be released to the #bracket channel of the Metro Esports CBSD Discord on March 1st, along with a complete match schedule. The higher seeded team will be provided with be responsible for submitting friend requests to the opposing team via Fortnite ID. Check-in will open an hour before match time each week in the #Checkin Discord channel.. Once your team is checked in, and your opponents have been added, get ready to drop in and play!

2. Connect With Your Opponents

  • Once both teams are in the same lobby, select a regular SQUADS game type and start the match. Mute your opponents in-game.
  • The team above the other team in bracket, or the team on the left on the dashboard have the right to host, however teams are allowed to agree to either team hosting.

3. Play and Report

  • Play a game of Fortnite with your opponents. (you’re not allowed to shoot them! read the Further Details section for more info)
  • At the end of the game, take screenshots of the in-game scoreboard (hit ESC in-game) clearly showing your team’s and your opponent’s eliminations. Upload your screenshot into the #score-report Discord channel for verification. A Metro Tournament Operator will confirm the score and move the bracket forward.
  • XB1, PS4 and Switch users can use the built-in system to capture the screenshot and then upload it where they can copy the link and post it on their computer. Taking a picture from a camera or mobile device is also acceptable as long as the quality is clear.
  • Failing to take screenshots may lead to a disqualification of your team if there is a discrepancy in reporting scores.

4. Finalize Results

  • Total your team’s and your opponent’s eliminations. Report a win for the team with the most total points. If both team’s points are tied, a second game will be played.
  • If there’s any problems with reporting, your opponents, or any confusion blocking the game from starting, please request a moderator via the #help channel in Discord.

Age: 13+
Registration Fee: $50