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1388 W. Street Road
Warminster, PA 18974

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  • Monday: 3-8pm
  • Tuesday: 3-8pm
  • Wednesday: 3-8pm
  • Thursday: 3-8pm
  • Friday: 3-8pm
  • Saturday: 2-10pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Warminster Game Lounge (Temporarily Closed for Remodel)

Located right on Street Road in Warminster, the Metro Game Lounge hosts gaming experiences for everyone. Find the latest and greatest gaming titles on PC and Console, plunge yourself into another world in Virtual Reality, immerse yourself in simulated racing, or just hang out in a safe space, the Metro Game Lounge has you covered.

Competitive, team based, stream ready Gaming PC setups Casual cloud based Gaming PC setups PlayStation and Xbox multiplayer and singleplayer stations Nintendo Switch 1v1 Head to Head setups

Metro’s Game Lounge comes equipped with private spaces for singles or private gaming, quiet space for homework, tech ed teaching and learning, video, audio broadcast and streaming, and content creation, equipped with everything from studio lights, cameras, green screens, and more, making this space perfect for everything like aspiring TikTok creators, to Twitch Streamers.

Lounge Features

11 4K Flatscreens

Screens for days

2 Virtual Reality Rooms

Oculus rooms

25 Gaming PCs

Loaded with Games

Race Car Simulator

Spend time on the Race Track!

Hosting A Party or Event?

All of our Events and Rentals are taking place at our Doylestown YMCA during the Warminster Facility Remodel. Contact us now for a custom quote.

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Games For Days

Our lounge features multi-platform game titles perfect for all gamers, whatever your competitive level may be. Browse our catalog of over a dozen hand-picked classics, trending titles, and new releases OR bring your favorite game from your personal collection to plug and play on our state-of-the-art equipment. Think we’re missing out? Hit us up with game suggestions and we’ll do our best to get our hands on it!

Hosting A Party or Event?

Metro Esports in Warminster, PA is a great place to have a party. Contact us now for a custom quote.

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