Friday Night NBA 2k Tournament

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors


Logitech G is a team focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibilities of play. The gaming world is forever evolving and we are dedicated to meeting the challenge. Through better gear and game integration, we facilitate an every greater gaming experience. From HERO, our most accurate gaming sensor to LIGHTSYNC, our game-driven RGB technology.


Metro Esports is proudly partnering with PowerGPU to bring industry leading Pc gaming equipment to all of Metro’s facilities. PowerGPU helps content creators and gamer’s increase their potential through Quality PC builds, Technical Support, QA and Consultancy Services. They pride themselves in working with the community in providing the BEST PCs in the market. Every Power Series build is hand-crafted.


Every gamer knows that quick response times can make or break a player’s success. And the introduction of 5G represents a game-changing sea change for both the players and the gaming industry. By delivering massive bandwidth, ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low lag, using a 5G network like 5G Ultra Wideband can provide users with never-before-seen capabilities for fast, fluid console-level gaming on the go.


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