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Metro Esports sits on 7,000 sq/ft of any gamers paradise. Packed with gaming PCs, consoles, virtual reality, and simulated racing, viewing space, seating, and spare rooms, Metro makes for a perfect destination for your next venue rental or gaming birthday party.

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    Available services and products:

    -Privately rent our Tech and Gaming facility
    -Staff support available
    -Custom gaming tournament
    -Virtual Reality
    -Racing Simulator
    -Over 50+ video games on 4 different platforms
    -1v1 Nintendo Switch setups
    -Gaming PCs


    Purchasable Addons:
    -Gaming Tournament – $100
    Metro staff will host and operate a gaming tournament custom to your participants.
    -Available games for gaming tournament: (selectable option)
    -Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    -Coupons – $0
    -New keyboard, mouse, or headset – $50, $100, $150 (pay at store)
    -Metro Madness – $150
    This is a competitive, point earning tournament where participants race to earn as many points as they can playing a wide number of gaming titles. This event is designed to be inclusive to everyone, no matter their age or skill level in gaming, everyone can play on a level playing field.
    -Coupons – $0
    -New keyboard, mouse, or headset – $50, $100, $150 (pay at store)
    -Extra Half Hour – $50
    -Extra Hour – $100
    -Tech Ed Coding Demo – $150
    -Cosplay Workshop – $150


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