Friday Night NBA 2k Tournament

Valorant Tournament



Friday, September 9th @ 5:00 pm EST

Metro Esports of Doylestown YMCA


Entry Fee:




$150 prize pool 

First place: $150

Second place: $50


Minimum team count:

8 teams


*Note: Any tournaments that do not meet minimum team count will be canceled. Any processed payments will be immediately refunded. 




  1. Eligibility

    1. In order to compete in the Metro Valorant Tournament, all members of a team must be registered and have joined said team on the tournament registration page. This must be done no later than the end registration date.

    2. Each team must have a minimum of five (5) players that are eligible to play for each match. Failure to provide the minimum number of players could result in disqualification.

    3. All members of a roster must have their Riot account in good standing. This includes not being banned, chat banned, or restricted in any way due to toxicity, breaking game rules, or not complying with Riot’s code of conduct.

    4. This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.
  2. Competition Structure and Dates

    1. All matches will consist of a “Best of 3” in a double elimination bracket.

    2. Seeding will be determined by recent collegiate events, open qualifiers for regional events and ranks during VALORANT Episode 2, Act 2 or 3.

    3. The captain of each team must check in for their match 15 minutes before their scheduled match time. Failure to do so could result in losing “in-game pause time” or disqualification.

    4. Any team that checks in on time but fails to join the lobby more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, will be disqualified.
  3. Gameplay Rules and Format

    1. Lobby Rules:

      – Mode: Standard
      – Allow Cheats: Off
      – Tournament Mode: On
      – Overtime: Win by Two: On
      – Server Region: To be agreed upon by teams; if teams cannot come to an agreement, the tournament administrator will make a decision based upon regional latency.
      – Team Size: Five (5)
      – All Matches will be played on the latest patch.
    2. Map Pool:

      – Bind
      – Haven
      – Split
      – Ascent
      – Icebox
      – Breeze
    3. Home/Away Designation:
      The higher seeded team will be designated as the “Home” team.

    4. Map Veto Process:

      Best of 3:

      – Home Team bans a map.
      – Away Team bans a map.
      – Home Team bans a map.
      – Home Team picks Map 1, Away Team chooses Map 1 side.
      – Away Team picks Map 2, Home Team chooses Map 2 side.
      – The team with a better round differential through two maps chooses Map 3 side.
    5. After the completion of a match, the score must be reported by the winning team to a tournament administrator, with a screenshot of the scoreboard. If there is a dispute with a match score or result, a tournament administrator must be contacted immediately.

    6. Each team will have five (5) minutes of pause time each map to address technical delays or disconnections. Teams will only be allowed to pause during the buy phase of a round. Pausing at any other time or for any reason deemed unreasonable by a tournament administrator can result in forfeiture of rounds or the map.

    7. Both teams may agree to restart a map prior to Round 1 beginning if the latency is unreasonable for the server selected.

    8. The Metro Esports production team (SAGE) reserves the right to broadcast any match being played. The match will be hosted as normal, and a spectator will be added to the lobby to observe the match.

    9. The Metro Esports production team (SAGE) reserves the right to broadcast any match being played. The match will be hosted as normal, and a spectator will be added to the lobby to observe the match.

    10. If a team’s match is not being streamed by the SAGE production team, players may stream their perspective of the match with a minimum wo-minute delay, to ensure competitive integrity.

    11. Misinterpretation/Misconfiguration:

      Games or sets are not to be replayed due to a misinterpretation of the rules OR misconfiguration of game settings, excluding player-specific settings. Game settings should be configured according to section 3.1 and 3.2. It is the player’s responsibility to ask the TO for any clarification of the rule set in the event of a disagreement. The outcome of a game or set will not be changed after the fact, unless under extreme circumstances. Judgment is reserved for tournament staff.
  4. Player Conduct

    1. Any team member who breaks Riot’s code of conduct, which prohibits the use of sexism, racism, hate speech, targeted harassment, or any other behaviour of discrimination, will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

    2. Any team member who is displaying excessive toxic behaviour during matches may also be disqualified at the discretion of a tournament administrator.

    3. To report a player for breaking this conduct, please send a screenshot of the offending behaviour to a tournament administrator.

    4. Collusion:

      Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a game, splitting a payout/prizes(s), or committing any other form of bracket manipulation. The TO reserves the right to deny payout of event winnings/prize(s) to any player suspected of colluding.
    5. Competitive Integrity:

      In all competitions there should be a fair playing field for all players.

      Every encounter, whether a ladder match or other competition, must be played according to the rules until it is complete and the result on the Metro Esports page is entered or, at events, the result sheet is completed. Any encounter that did not take place should be deleted. Matches will be opened only by admins.

      It is not allowed for participants to bet on matches in their own competition. Betting against yourself (in team leagues: against your own team) will get you (in team leagues: your team) disqualified and the betting player(s) banned.

      Organizers reserve the right to withhold payout/prize(s) if any of these rules are violated.

    6. Final Rulings:

      If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment by tournament staff is final. Rules may be altered between phases of a tournament in the best interests of the event. (Example: A game-breaking glitch is discovered on a map mid-tournament that could be exploited. The map may need to be removed from legal play for the remainder of the event.)



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